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RMC has three music divisions, which operate symbiotically:
RM - Rafelson Media, offers composition and production.
RMP - Rafelson Media Publishing, manages copyrights and catalog.
RMR - Rafelson Media Records, handles promotions and marketing.

With a strong list of credits and clients, we continue to evolve and thrive in the popular music scene. RMC offers a comprehensive and diverse set of services that range from production, composition, scoring, and music supervision for film & television, to international marketing, promotion and packaging. Moreover, as the company manages and controls both publishing and master rights to the majority of our vast catalog, we eliminate the common need to seek out multiple sources for clearance, usage and licensing. In simple terms, we provide our clients with a complete one-stop solution.

In February of 2004, we launched our independent label, RM Records. Within three months, we landed two singles on Billboard Magazine's Dance Chart, including the #1 hit, "One With You" by Sun. We are currently signing and developing talent, in addition to packaging soundtracks and providing music for film and television.

After a twenty-year relationship, RMP is proud to announce that we have been chosen by ASCAP to beta test revolutionary new software. RMP has encoded and digitally fingerprinted our entire catalog; we are currently monitoring and tracking our titles in real-time on the following US broadcast systems: XM, AM, FM, Television Networks, Cable, Satellite, Cellular, Wi-Fi, UHF/VHF and Broadband.

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Additional Services include:
  • Label
  • Catalog
  • Publishing
  • Production
  • Composing/Scoring
  • Marketing/Promotion
  • Film/TV Music Supervision
  • Digital Rights Management
Music |  Film/TV |  Music Catalog |  Media Publishing Catalog |  Music/Film Credits
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